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Detailed Container Info

Roll Off Container Sizes and Descriptions

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The photo above shows a 15 Yard Container on the left truck and a 30 yard container on the right truck.

We have Roll Off containers available for all your waste & recycling needs! They come in both 15 yard & 30 yard container sizes for temporary use. They are perfect for your seasonal home or office cleanout, as well as for construction projects both large and small. Manufacturer specifications have evolved throughout the years. Our standard Roll Off container sizes are as follows:

15 Yard Roll Off Container = 14 Feet Long by 8 Feet Wide by 4.5 Feet High
30 Yard Roll Off Container = 22 Feet Long by 8 Feet Wide by 6 Feet High

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Please note that for permanent Roll Off customers, we also offer a variety of different Roll Off compaction systems like the one in the photo above, as well as other open top container sizes. We normally order those compactors and specialty containers right from the factory, after we have spec’d them out to best suit your needs. Whether you need a small roll off to fit into a tight corral space, or a lockable sliding roll top to keep out the elements. We believe that by getting to know exactly what our customers are looking for, we can always find them the very best equipment solutions in our industry!

Frontload Container Sizes and Photo’s

Below you can find detailed photos of several different kinds of waste and recycling frontload containers, as well as standard container sizing information. This is a great visual starting point to see some of the different options that we can provide you. The very best way to determine your specific container needs is always going to be to meet in person with one of us at your site for a quick and professional waste consultation. All frontload containers can be made lockable for no extra cost, which can help avoid illegal dumping or recycling contamination!

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Above is a photo of our frontload plastic containers that are available on wheels. The two yard plastic container is in front of the truck on the left hand side, and the three yard plastic container is on the right hand side. These two & three yard containers are light weight and able to easily be wheeled in and out of corrals or inside of buildings. Their approximate sizing is as follows.

2 Yard Plastic Container Including Wheels = 82.3 inches Long by 43.5 inches Deep by 52.3 inches High
3 Yard Plastic Container Including Wheels = 82.3 inches Long by 50.6 inches Deep by 65.1 inches High

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The photo above shows left to right a Two Yard Metal Container (wheels can be added), a two yard plastic container on wheels and a three yard plastic container on wheels.

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Please see the detailed size chart for standard frontload containers listed above. Various manufacturer specifications have continued to evolve over the years. While different manufactures specifications will always change, this is a great reference to use for what your container dimensions will be.

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The photo above shows all our standard frontload container options available. The containers pictured from left to right in the front row are as follows: Two Yard Metal, Two Yard Plastic On Wheels, Three Yard Plastic On Wheels, Four Yard, Six Yard Apartment Style with Side Doors, Six Yard Slant, Eight Yard Slant with Side Doors, Eight Yard Upright with Side Doors, Ten Yard Slant with Side Doors, and on the far right side is our Ten Yard Upright Container with Side Doors. Pictured being dumped on the frontload truck, in the center of the back row is an Eight Yard Slant with Side Doors. That is one of our most popular and economical styles available. All side doors are the same size, 30” high and 30” wide. They are great for people that want to throw their trash or recycling away without having to lift a heavy lid.

Please note that our eight and ten yard containers can also come with dock lids so you can dump into them from behind the container, perfect for using right off a loading dock. They can come with cardboard slots as well which are very popular. Cardboard slots help to keep people from contaminating your recycling, and they require your staff to break the cardboard boxes down before throwing the cardboard in the recycling container to make it fit.

Keep in mind that you will need extra corral space to access the containers to put your waste and recycling in them. We of course will need room for the truck to access the containers as well. Have us come out for a free consultation to help you choose the best containers for both your waste & recycling volumes and your available space.